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This article is written byDr Samreen Khan. She specializes in PRP hair treatment in Mumbai. In this article, Dr Samreen Khan explains PRP treatment cost, procedure and side effects.

Dr Samreen Khan also provides other types of hair loss treatment. These include hair treatments such as mesotherapy, growth factors and stem cell treatment.


It is normal to lose a few strands of hair every day. But what if your hair suddenly starts shedding at an alarming rate? Or if you have hair loss over many months and your scalp starts to show?

These are signs that you need to visit a Dermatologist and start an effective hair treatment.

What is PRP hair treatment?

PRP therapy for hair loss involves blood collection from your arm. The blood is processed to get growth factors from your own body. This is called ‘Autologous Growth Factor Concentrate’. Our growth factors heal our body.

We inject the PRP or growth factors in areas of hair loss. This makes your hair healthy and also results in hair regrowth.

What is the procedure of PRP treatment for hair loss?

PRP treatment for hair loss is a 3-step medical procedure. It begins with blood collection in a tube. This step is the same as when you have a blood test. The tube of blood is processed by spinning it in a centrifuge.

The centrifuge separates the blood into platelet poor plasma, red blood cells and platelet rich plasma. PRP is the short form for ‘platelet rich plasma’. In the final step, the PRP is harvested and injected into the hair loss area.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is completely painless as they are done under anaesthesia. The complete PRP procedure takes about 1 hour. While the PRP injections take 15 minutes.

How does PRP hair loss treatment work?

PRP injection stimulates the hair metabolism. It pushes all the hair in an anagen or growth phase. This triggers natural hair growth.

Further, the hair re-growth is maintained by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle. PRP also increases the thickness of the hair shaft.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

The main advantage of PRP treatment is that it is safe and effective. PRP therapy uses autologous growth factors to treat your hair loss. The second advantage is that it is completely painless.

It does not involve any hair surgery. Needless to say, you can continue your work. And no one will know you had a hair treatment.

We use PRP for hair growth, reverse thinning hair and reduce hair fall. In women, it can promote hair health and in men, it reverses male pattern baldness.

How to prepare for your hair PRP?

  1. Take only the prescribed hair vitamins and supplements for a week before your treatment.
  2. Avoid vitamin E, fish oil, Ginko Biloba, green tea and Asprin.
  3. Wash your hair and scalp twice with the prescribed shampoo.
  4. Dry your hair with a towel as usual. Do not apply any other product in your hair.
  5. Tie a clean headscarf and come to the clinic for your PRP treatment.
  6. We will be doing further scalp disinfection at the clinic itself.

What to expect after PRP injections?

You will feel completely normal after your PRP therapy. We do not expect any pain or downtime. You can join your work immediately.

You can wash your hair with the prescribed shampoo on the next day. And apply your prescribed hair tonic as usual. Your exercise routine too can resume next day onwards.

PRP hair results are visible in about a month. We do not expect any side effects since this is an autologous treatment.

How many sessions of PRP hair treatment do you need?

The patented GFC protocol recommends 4 sessions for complete benefit. We do the sessions once in a month. Improvement in your hair is seen after every session. Maintenance sessions are expected once in every 6 to 12 months.

When do you see the results of hair PRP treatment?

Most people see improvement right after their first hair PRP treatment. You will notice your hair becoming shiny and strong. Hair loss reduces and hair re-growth is seen by the end of 1 month. Your existing hair also becomes thicker and heavier.

How much does PRP hair treatment cost in Mumbai?

The PRP treatment cost in Mumbai depends on many factors. The most important factor is the PRP kit that is used. There are many kits for PRP treatment in Mumbai. Most are from China.

We prefer to use the original, patented GFC PRP for the best results.

The second important price factor is whether the anaesthesia is with cream or injections. Cream anaesthesia does not make the scalp completely numb. So the session is quite painful. I prefer to use block anaesthesia which makes your scalp completely numb.

This numbing also keeps you comfortable after the procedure. You will never have a headache or need to take leave from work.

PRP hair treatment cost in Mumbai starts at Rs 5500 for 1 tube, Rs 9500 for 2 tubes, Rs 12500 for 3 tubes and Rs 15000 for 4 tubes. The number of tubes you need depends on the area of hair loss and its severity.

Choose the best Dermatologist for PRP hair treatment in Mumbai.

Dr Samreen Khan has 15 years of experience with PRP treatment in Mumbai. She was one of the first Dermatologist to start PRP therapy in India. She makes sure that your hair loss problem is internally solved as well.

Dr Samreen Khan will talk to you about your hair loss in detail. She will also ask you many other questions regarding your genes, lifestyle, etc. Then she may write some tests to check for vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. Dr Samreen Khan uses patented GFC PRP kits to provide amazing results in her PRP hair loss treatment.