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Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai – Cost, Discount, Painless, Full Body Laser

This article is written by Dr Samreen Khan, top Dermatologist in Mumbai. She specializes in full body laser hair removal in Mumbai for men and women. Her clinic is considered as one of the best laser hair removal clinic in Mumbai and India. She offers affordable full body laser hair removal cost in Mumbai and ensures the best results.


Laser hair removal is also known as ‘permanent hair reduction’ or ‘laser hair reduction’. This treatment can reduce unwanted hair from your body.

Hair removal laser treatment is popular among women as well as men. Women who have facial hair due to hormonal imbalance see laser as a boon. Laser hair reduction is also ideal for those who suffer from ingrown hair and for men who like a hair-free skin.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most common permanent method of hair removal done all over the world. The treatment involves flashing light of a certain wavelength on the skin. Melanin pigment in the hair follicles absorbs the light. This in turn destroys the hair.

What are the indications for laser hair removal?

  1. Hirsutism – excess hair growth due to hormonal imbalance such as PCOD.
  2. Hypertrichosis – hairy body and face from birth.
  3. Social embarrassment – men may be unhappy with a hairy body and want a clean look.
  4. Ingrown hair – repeated boils or folliculitis after shaving and waxing.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal works on the principle of selective photo-thermolysis. When we apply laser energy of a particular wavelength on the skin, the hair roots absorb the beam of light. This energy destroys the hair root so that the growth of hair is permanently reduced. Laser hair removal is also called permanent hair removal in Mumbai.

What are the types of lasers used for full body laser hair removal in Mumbai?

Lasers such as the Ruby, alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG and IPL are available for hair removal in Mumbai. Laser hair reduction gives best results in individuals who have dark hair on light skin.

Laser devices with longer wavelengths such as diode and Nd: YAG are best for Indian skin tones. Diode gives painless hair removal, while Nd: Yag is painful. Diode hair removal is ideal for dark skin color.

Do you need hair removal laser treatment?

All women and men who would like to avoid waxing and shaving can have laser hair removal. Women should consider upper lip, underarms and bikini hair removal. Men can opt for hair removal on the chest, back and laser beard shaping.

If you are dealing with PCOS, I will be advising hormonal tests and medications. Then we can start your permanent hair removal sessions. All men and women can have full body laser hair removal to stop ingrown hair, boils and dark spots.

How to prepare for full body laser hair removal treatment?

Avoid plucking, threading and waxing for at least 4 weeks before your laser treatment. This is because the laser targets the hair roots. And waxing or plucking removes them.

Shaving is okay, since it does not disturb the hair follicle. Shave the treatment area 6 to 10 hours before your laser hair reduction appointment. This is to remove the hair shaft which we do not need for the session.

What to expect during a laser hair removal session?

During each laser session, the treatment area is marked and a cool laser gel is applied. Then the laser beam is flashed on the area.

The procedure is pain-free and feels like a warm massage. Those with darker skin may feel slightly warmer.

Small areas such as the upper lip laser or bikini area need a few minutes. While large areas such as full legs laser need about an hour.

The interval between your 1st and 2nd session will be about 3 to 4 weeks. These intervals go on increasing as the body hair reduces.

What to expect after a laser hair removal session?

After the laser hair removal procedure, your skin will look and feel completely normal. Some people notice a slight redness and small dots like mosquito bites. This is very variable and lasts for 30 to 60 minutes only.

What is the post-care after laser hair removal?

Make sure you use a sunscreen daily on the treated areas. Avoid harsh sun exposure for 2 days. Do not use scrub or bleach the treated area for 5 days. Avoid swimming for 1 week.

You may notice hair growth over the next 2 weeks. This is normal and varies from person to person. The hair grows and sheds off on its own. You can use a gentle scrub or loofah during your shower to remove the dead hair.

How many sessions of laser hair removal do you need?

You will need 6 sessions of laser hair removal for a long term good result. Majority of the people opting for permanent hair removal see up to 90% hair reduction in 6 sessions. Maintenance sessions are once or twice a year. For facial hair removal, maintenance is usually once in 3 months.

How much does laser hair removal cost in Mumbai?

The cost of full body laser hair removal in Mumbai is quite affordable. The costs of full body laser hair removal for men ranges from Rs 20000 to Rs 150000. While the cost of full body laser hair removal for women varies from Rs 10000 to Rs 120000.

The costs of laser hair reduction for other body areas also varies according to the size of the area treated. The approximate cost of a single session of upper lip hair removal is Rs 750 at my laser clinic in Mumbai.

Choose the best Dermatologist for Laser Hair Removal in Mumbai.

Laser treatment for hair removal is more than “zapping” unwanted hair. It is a medical procedure that requires expertise. A lasers is a very powerful ‘Energy-Based Device’. If laser settings are not done correctly then it can cause unwanted side effects.

Dr Niketa Sonavane supervises all laser hair removal sessions at her skin clinic, Ambrosia Aesthetics. She makes the settings according to your skin type and hair type in each session. This is to make sure that all our patients get the best results right from the beginning of their treatment. This is how her clinic is able to provide the best laser hair removal in Mumbai.

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